Doc 5.1d Electronic Memory of the Arctic/SDWG. Request for endorsement of the project by SDWG.

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Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG)
"The EMA Project is designed to accumulate and represent to full extent various information resources in Internet environment as they relate to investigation, operation and development of the circumpolar world. EMA electronic information resources from libraries museums and archives of the Arctic Council as well as an expert blog of EMA portal will allow the expert community to discuss issues on history of geographical discoveries and exploration of the North, industry, geology, nature, folklore and literature of the circumpolar world, artistic heritage, ethnography. The EMA project is complementary to the SDWG Arctic Portal already functioning and developing. At earlier stages of discussion of these projects, it was suggested that there should be made certain efforts to harmonize these projects in order to launch cross access and to unify data description formats. As stated above the EMA Project is realized as an international project consisting of national segments of the countries participating in the Arctic Council. By the national segment of the project we mean a set of electronic information resources (national content) available on the EMA portal. Thus, each of the countries of the Arctic Council is interested in representing of its own history and culture connected with investigation and development of the Northern regions, while consolidation of national segments will represent all the diversity of the circumpolar world. So, the EMA project will become a comfortable and modern space to explore and discuss our common history and culture. Sustainable development of the Arctic regions involves, among other things, establishment of information exchange in the area of culture, science and education. The project directly performs this function. The project involves the full gender equality." /.../