Tabletop Exercise at BOR-60 Fast Reactor of SSC RF NIIAR

EPPR , Nuclear safety , Radiation accidents
A tabletop exercise directed at "Practicing the personnel actions in case of a radiation accident at FSUE "SSC RF NIIAR" was held on December 9, 2003 at the State Scientific Center "Institute of Nuclear Reactors". The goals of the tabletop exercise were: practicing the procedures of notification and transfer of information about the emergency situation, training of the experts teams in assessment of an emergency situation and its possible consequences, practicing of the actions of emergency rescue units and the commision on ES prevention and liquidation. The current report contains materials about preparation and conduction of the tabletop exercise. Brief description of the area of the exercise is given along with brief characteristics of the reactor installations of the facility and exercise participants actions. The hardware and software used in the exercise are also described.