ARCTIC CONTAMINANTS ACTION PROGRAM (ACAP) WORKING GROUP OF THE ARCTIC COUNCIL. Operating Guidelines. Adopted at the SAO meeting in ---------- 2008.

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Arctic Contaminants Action Program (ACAP)
"1. The ACAP Working Group (WG) is a subsidiary body of the Arctic Council (AC) and as such operates under and is subject to the Rules of Procedures for the AC 2. The mandate of the Working Group is defined through decisions of the Arctic Council Ministers 3. The main objectives and priorities for ACAP are documented in the “Arctic Council Action Plan to Eliminate Pollution of the Arctic” as supplemented by Work Plans approved by Ministers every two years 4. Each Arctic State and Permanent Participant may assign one lead representative, as the head of delegation, and other representatives, as appropriate, to the Working Group. In addition, the Working Group may invite other countries and/or organizations that can directly contribute to the work of ACAP, subject to the Arctic Councils Rules of Procedure regarding observers" /.../