Statement on the IPY legacy from Lars Kullerud, President of the University of the Arctic, member of the IPY Education and Outreach Subcommittee.

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University of the Arctic
UArctic IPY
"The IPY EOC subcommittee has a range of experts from around the world representing many disciplines and professional backgrounds. The cross-disciplinary group has developed common strategies, specific activities and events and is organized in the following audience-specific flexible working groups: • Education Working Group • Tertiary Education Working Group • Media Working Group Much of the result of the IPY only starts to materialize after the end of the IPY. The IPY Education and Outreach subcommittee finds it natural that the communication, education and outreach activities from IPY needs to continue at least till the IPY early science conference in 2010. Some of this could be taken care of by an "International Polar Office" that should ensure continuation of the essential parts of the Outreach and Education activities through 2010. It could be natural that some international polar research organizations with a long term mandate take the responsibility for this. The long term legacy in tertiary education, with the goal "To foster the leadership of the next IPY" should primarily be taken care of by higher education institutions, under the leadership of UArctic (University of the Arctic), IAI (International Antarctic Institute), and APECS (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists) who all have a long term responsibility for this." /.../