Seabird Information Network (SIN): Concept Paper

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Irons, D.
Svoboda, M.
Gill, M.
Petersen, A.
CAFF , Seabird monitoring , Data management
One means to enhance seabird conservation is by viewing the seabird resources in the circumpolar region as a single resource rather than a series of seabird colonies divided by countries. To facilitate this broad-scale approach it is necessary to know where seabird colonies exist in the Arctic countries. The Seabird Information Network proposes a means to collect, view and analyze such information. Some countries have national databases of seabird colony locations, but these databases have never been joined to allow a cohesive view of the seabird resources. Along with knowing where the seabird resources are, management agencies, scientists, and the public is interested in the status of seabirds.