Canadian Arctic Marine Biodiversity Plan 2014-2017

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Pomerleau, C
Watkins, JM
Archambault, P
Conlan, K
Ferguson, S
Gilchrist, G
Hedges, K
Loseto, L
Lovejoy, C
Michel, C
CAFF , CBMP , Canada , Marine biodiversity
"The Canadian Arctic Marine Biodiversity Plan (Canadian Marine Plan) is the Canadian contribution to the Arctic Council Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna’s Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program, Arctic Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Plan. The overall objective of the Canadian Arctic Marine Biodiversity Plan (Canadian Marine Plan) is to improve our ability to detect and understand the causes of long-term changes in the structure and function of Canadian arctic marine ecosystems. The Canadian Marine Plan integrates existing scientific and community-based marine biodiversity data and information. It is hoped that the Canadian Marine Plan will guide the future integration of biodiversity research with development and conservation in Canadian arctic waters, and promote further development of long-term monitoring. Partnerships with various stakeholders nationally and internationally will encourage improvements to spatial and temporal resolution, and sampling protocols. Furthermore, such partnerships will encourage the use of both traditional ecological knowledge and science, as well as the provision of information on arctic marine biodiversity to decision makers."