List of Marine Fishes of the Arctic Region Annotated with Common Names and Zoogeographic Characterizations

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Mecklenburg, C.W.
Byrkjedal, I.
Christiansen, J.S.
Karamushko, O.V.
Lynghammar, A.
Møller, P.R.
CAFF , CBMP , Fish species
"A recent review of historical and new records of species presence produced an annotated list of the marine fishes occurring in the arctic region (Mecklenburg et al. 2010). Considerable new taxonomic and distributional information has already accumulated since that review. In addition to bringing the scientific names list up to date with new or removed species and various nomenclatural changes, in this edition authors have provided the most common or offficially recommended English, French, Norwegian and Russian vernaculars. Zoogeographic characterizations (e.g., arctic, arctic-boreal, boreal) from the earlier review are also included with a few additions following the same definitions. This edition presented here is being used by the CBMP Marine Fish Expert Network as a baseline document which will be revised from time to time with, for instance, addition of names in other languages and new fish species as they are discovered in the arctic region."