Proposal from the Council of Ministers for a New Arctic Co-operation Programme.

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Nordic Council of Ministers
"The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Co-operation Programme for the Arctic was originally produced in 1996 and is based on B 157/m, a Council of Ministers’ Proposal of 1995. As a result of, among other factors, the consolidation of Arctic co-operation under the Arctic Council, established in 1996, and as a result of the fact that the Council of Ministers was given permanent observer status in the Arctic Council in October 2000, a revision of the Arctic Working Programme of the Council of Ministers has become necessary. This was already pointed out in the report 'Närmare Norden' [Closer to the North], as well as in the Council of Ministers’ proposal for a revised strategy for co-operation with the Adjacent Areas adopted by the Ministers for Co-operation in March 2001." /.../