INTERNATIONAL YOUTH ARCTIC DECLARATION. On the occasion of the Senior Arctic Officials’ Meeting of The Arctic Council. 8 - 9 November 2011, Luleå, Sweden.

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Students on Ice
"We are 72 secondary school students from 15 countries who came together on the 2011 Students on Ice Arctic Expedition. We journeyed from Iceland to Greenland to Labrador to Nunavik, Canada. We embarked on this voyage to gain first-hand knowledge of the Arctic regions and to expand our understanding of not only the rich environment, history and cultures of the Arctic, but also the challenges they face. As a body of international students, we present a global youth perspective on Arctic issues. Whereas there is undeniable evidence of global climate change, Whereas it is expected the Arctic Ocean will be ice free for a significant part of the year in less than 30 years, changing ways of life for indigenous peoples, and Whereas Arctic cultures and communities require healthy ecosystems, We hereby:" /.../