REPORT. SURVEY OF LIVING CONDITIONS IN THE ARCTIC: Inuit, Sámi and the Indigenous Peoples of Chukotka and the Kola Peninsula.

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Survey of Living Conditions in the Arctic (SLiCA)
"Background, methodology and questionnaire SLiCA’s orgSLiCA’s phase I (development of an international core questionnaire to be used among Inuit, Sami and the indigenous peoples of Chukotka and the Kola Peninsula) is well documented in a number of scientific articles and conference papers. See the SLiCA home page for a number of these: The report: Living Conditions in the Arctic – How to Measure Living Conditions and Individual Well-being among Inuit and Saami Peoples in the Arctic by Thomas Andersen has been handed out to the participants in the Ministerial meeting of the Arctic Council, November 2004 and at the Meeting, August 2005 for the Nordic ministers responsible for co-ordinating Nordic activities." /.../