Proceedings of the Alaska Arctic Vegetation Archive Workshop. Boulder, Colorado, USA October 14-16, 2013

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Walker, D.A.
CAFF , AVA , Vegetation
"Alaskan Arctic vegetation scientists met in Boulder, Colorado, 14-16 October 2013, to discuss an Alaska Arctic Vegetation Archive (AAVA). The archive will contain species and environmental data for most of the documented vegetation plots in northern Alaska, and is one of two prototype databases being made in preparation for building an Arctic-wide Vegetation Archive (AVA) (Walker et al. 2013). This volume contains 20 abstracts from papers presented at the meeting. Most of the abstracts describe details of datasets collected by the authors in Arctic Alaska and Canada. Several others describe database approaches that have been used in the US, Canada, and Europe that potentially could be useful for the AAVA. The first abstract by Amy Breen and coauthors describes the current state of the AAVA, and provides the workflow and latest version of the data dictionary that is being used."