Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy (ARENA) Project Proposal Template

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Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG)
SDWG , Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy , Project Proposal , Fairbanks , 2016 , SAO Meeting , ARENA
Objective of Project: "The Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy project addresses the need for the development of community energy experts to ensure affordable, reliable, renewable source energy solutions for Arctic communities. Its approach integrates web-based seminars with classroom learning and field exposure, and draws from best practices established through the experience of the people living and the organizations operating in the Arctic. Participants will bring back to their home countries knowledge, skills, tools, and a network of collaborators that will facilitate integrating clean energy technologies in their communities and improving management of fossil fuel resources used for power production and heating. A pilot program for this work is planned for the summer of 2016. The project aligns with the Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group’s goals of advancing sustainable development and building capacity in the Arctic, with a focus of its major activity area on energy and community, including facilitating practical community-based actions."