Actions for a Changing Arctic (ACA). Decision document for SAOs.

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Arctic Council
At their meeting in Luleå, Sweden in November 2011, the SAOs “instructed AMAP to coordinate an updated ACA proposal for submittal to SAOs ... to be on the agenda at the SAO meeting in March 2012 and if approved, be forwarded to the Deputy Ministers Meeting in May 2012 for their consideration.”[Minutes of the Luleå SAO meeting] This document is prepared as a basis for decisions to be made by SAOs regarding the proposed initiative ‘Actions for a Changing Arctic (ACA)’.1 The document (and supplementary documentation presented in the ACA Prospectus [D1], see below) has been produced through an ad hoc drafting group and consultation process that involved representatives from all of the AC WGs, ICC, WMO, IASC and IASSA including individuals engaged in the production of ongoing AC assessments (AMSAII, ABA, AHDRII, AOA, SWIPA, ARR), national experts and included a review process involving all Arctic countries and AC PPs. Representatives from WMO, IASC and IASSA have indicated the full support of their organizations for the implementation of the proposed ACA. This document makes reference to the following supplementary materials:  [D1] ACA Prospectus (version 29 February 2012)  [D2] ACA Proposal to SAOs (ACA proposal presented at the Luleå SAO meeting) It also addresses comments received from countries to the 17 January version of the ACA Draft Technical Proposal.