Issue Paper. Toward Clarity and Transparency in Relationships with Other Bodies.

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US Chairmanship of the Arctic Council
"The Arctic Council relies on its many relationships with other bodies to perform its work and to share Arctic expertise and perspectives in global dialogues. The enclosed Summary of the Arctic Council Working Groups’ Relationships to External Bodies, prepared by the Arctic Council Secretariat, describes a wide array of collaborative arrangements through which Working Groups formally and informally collaborate with other bodies to import outside expertise or capacity (e.g., data) and export their expertise or capacity to other groups. In addition, representatives of the Council and its subsidiary bodies often participate in public events (e.g. speaking roles, information dissemination), representing the Council to some degree. A number of SAOs and PPs may have been previously unaware of the extent and nature of these formal and informal relationships with other bodies. This concept paper lays out the basis for continued discussion on the topic of relationships with other bodies. Given that the Council’s ability to collaborate with other bodies is vital to the Council’s efficacy and influence, the objective is not to curtail or impede these relationships. Rather the aim is to ascertain whether there is consensus for additional steps to promote the clarity and transparency of existing and future relationships and to develop internal guidance on how the Council and its subsidiary bodies relate to other bodies." /.../