Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy (ARENA) - Webinar Series and Onsite Program Overview

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Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG)
ARENA , SDWG , Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy , Webinar , Fairbanks , 2016 , SAO Meeting
"The Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy (ARENA) seeks to to increase human capacity and promote leadership through the creation of a knowledge exchange program emphasizing the development, operation, and management of remote energy networks (microgrids) incorporating renewable resources. This program is targeted at current or emerging leaders in energy development and is designed to promote exchange of information and ideas across the arctic, as well as between arctic nations and the developing world. ARENA combines Internet, classroom, laboratory, and field study learning opportunities, drawing from best practices established through the experience of the organizations operating in the arctic, and throughout the world. Participants will bring back to their home areas knowledge, skills and tools that facilitate integrating clean energy technologies in their communities, and improve the management of fossil fuel resources used for power production and other local energy needs. 2016 Pilot Program - The pilot program will begin in April as a series of widely accessible web-based seminars, and conclude in July with a two-track onsite classroom learning and field experience in Fairbanks, Alaska for a cohort of competitively selected ARENA Fellowship recipients."