Recognize ACAP as a permanent Working Group of the Arctic Council. Discussion Paper.

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Arctic Contaminants Action Program (ACAP)
/.../ "At the request of the SAOs, and to strengthen the financing of these important ACAP initiatives, NEFCO developed the Project Support Instrument (PSI). The Ministers approved the pilot phase of the PSI in 2004. Funds have been contributed to the PSI which may serve as a source of continued support for ACAP. ACAP has carefully followed the recommendations of the Senior Arctic Officials and Ministers. ACAP has achieved significant measurable environmental results as envisioned under the original Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy. Request the Senior Arctic Officials to: • Approve ACAP as a permanent Working Group under the Arctic Council. • Rename the Arctic Council Action Plan to the Arctic Contaminants Action Program to better reflect the focus of its activities." /.../