Integrated Arctic Social Observation System for Circumpolar Assessment (IASOS-CASEAS) under the activity of the Arctic Council, IPY and its Sub-committee on Observations.

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"IASOS-CASEAS is aimed to two interrelated activities: 1) the enhancement of Arctic Residents’ Network of Socio-Environment Assessment, Observation and Education for Sustainable Development (ARN); 2) the installation of the international Centre for Arctic Social Monitoring and sustainable development (CASM). The ARN will be constructed to serve as a real instrument for socio-economic monitoring, integrating local/traditional knowledge, science and policy and allowing to integrate not only circumpolar scientists from different disciplines, decision-makers but local/indigenous peoples interested to share their experience and compare best results in achieving sustainability in communities and local settlements. The main objective of IASOS-СASEAS activity are human capacities development and better quality of life. To achieve this a comprehensive educational programme is invisioned being necessary to provide the active participation of all Arctic residents including indigenous communities, women and young scientists in socially oriented monitoring." /.../