Arctic Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Plan

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Gill, M.J.
Crane, K.
Hindrum, R.
Arneberg, P.
Bysveen, I.
Denisenko, N.V.
Gofman, V.
Grant-Friedman, A.
Gudmundsson, G.
Hopcroft, R.R.
CAFF , Biodiversity monitoring , CBMP , Arctic marine ecosystems
The Arctic Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Plan (CBMP-Marine Plan) is the first of the CBMP’s four pan-Arctic biodiversity monitoring plans. The overall goal of the CBMP-Marine Plan is to improve our ability to detect and understand the causes of long-term change in the composition, structure and function of Arctic marine ecosystems, as well as to develop authoritative assessments of key elements of Arctic marine biodiversity (e.g., key indicators, ecologically pivotal and/or other important taxa).