AMAP/CAFF Workshop on Climate Change, Rovaniemi, 24-25 March 1998

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Holten, Jarle I.
Baldursson, Snorri
Reiersen, Lars-Otto
CAFF , AMAP , Rovaniemi , Climate change
CAFF/AMAP Workshop on Climate Change: Rovaniemi, Finland: March 24-25, 1998 was held in response to the Ministerial request to AMAP to continue activities for monitoring, data collection, exchange of data on the impacts and assessment of the effects of contaminants and their pathways, increased UVB radition and climate change on Arctic ecosystems. AMAP invited CAFF to join the workshop so that the two programs could jointly discuss the potential impacts of climate change on the Arctic and provide holistic recommendations to the Arctic Council. This report provides a summary of the plenary and a synthesis of the working group results.