Summary Report from the First Meeting of the Expert Group on Black Carbon and Methane (BCM)

Expert Group on Black Carbon and Methane , EGBCM , Summary Report , Black Carbon , Methane , Fairbanks , 2016 , SAO Meeting
"Prompted by the climate impacts of these emissions, in April 2015 the Ministers of the Arctic Council adopted a Framework for Enhanced Action to Reduce Black Carbon and Methane Emissions. Under the Framework, Arctic States agreed to submit biennial national reports on their existing and planned actions to reduce black carbon and methane, national inventories of these pollutants and projections of future emissions, where available.1 The Framework establishes an Expert Group, to be chaired by the nation holding the Council chair for that two-year cycle. [...] The Expert Group held its first meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland on January 27-28, 2016, chaired by the United States (as Council chair).