CSR in the Arctic – way forward.

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Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG)
"In the Senior Arctic Officials (SAO) Report to Ministers, Nuuk, Greenland 2011, it was recommended that Ministers: ”Take note of the incoming Swedish Chairmanship’s intention to propose [...] how business can contribute to sustainable development in the Arctic” (p. 28). The Swedish Chairmanship of the Arctic Council has, as a result, identified Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a priority for its work in the Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG). A first workshop on CSR in the Arctic was held in Stockholm, 26-27 January 2012, see separate report. One of the main points raised at this workshop was that the existing frameworks and guidelines on CSR: the OECD guidelines, the UN Global Compact and in the reporting standard from the Global Reporting Initiative, are good and sufficient tools that merit to be further highlighted, followed and respected by operators in the Arctic. In modelling different options for the next steps, Sweden has come to the conclusion that it is a question of communication and implementation of already agreed guidelines, rather than setting up a new and specific framework for CSR in the Arctic. With this in mind and looking forward, Sweden has proposed the following points at the SDWG meeting in Reykjavik, 18-19 September, which are now for consideration for the SAO meeting in November." /.../