The Nordic Council of Ministers' Arctic Co-operation Programme 2009–2011.

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Nordic Council of Ministers
Nordic Council of Ministers
"The Nordic Council of Ministers' Arctic Co-operation Programme 2009–2011 is a follow-up to the decision by the Ministers for Nordic co-operation to make the Nordic Region an active part of regional co-operation in Northern Europe. The Arctic Co-operation Programme is one of several co-operation programmes that the Nordic Council of Ministers has established with a view to being able to enter into regional co-operation with neighbouring countries and organisations. The Nordic Council of Ministers is a good platform for the Nordic countries to exert influence and achieve benefits in relation to the political agenda for regional co-operation. The Nordic Council of Ministers' Arctic Co-operation Programme dates back to 1996, and was last revised in 2005. The current revision is taking place because the current programme period expires at the end of 2008 and reflects a) the experiences gained in the past years of work in the Arctic Council; b) the changes to the Nordic Council of Ministers' activities in the Adjacent Areas, which have led to the development of a Russia Programme and a geographically comprehensive policy for co-operation with the Nordic Region's neighbours; and c) the revised Nordic Strategy for Sustainable Development, which constitutes a foundation for modern co-operation at ministerial-council level and acts as starting point for joint Nordic input into sustainable development, as well as d) the evaluation of the Council of Ministers' Arctic co-operation, which was conducted in 2007. The Nordic Council of Ministers' Arctic Co-operation Programme shall be the Nordic Council of Ministers' platform for co-operation on Arctic questions with the countries in the Arctic Council, with the EU on the development of the Arctic Window in the EU's Northern Dimension, and with the Nordic Region's Arctic neighbours in the West in the period 2009–2011. The programme supplements the other Nordic strategies and programmes, including the Strategy for Sustainable Development, the Environment Action Plan and the Council of Ministers' Co-operation Programme with Russia. The Arctic Co-operation Programme's overall objectives for the period 2009–2011 shall guide the planning and implementation of the Nordic Council of Ministers' regional co-operation activities in relation to the Arctic area, including a) to contribute to developing and improving the quality of life for the population and the ecological and economic prerequisites for continued human settlement in the Arctic; b) to contribute to increased knowledge of and initiatives to combat climate changes, pollutants and heavy metals in the Arctic; c) to contribute to and support the Arctic population's social and cultural development; and d) to contribute to preserving Arctic nature, natural qualities and biological diversity, and to guarantee sustainable utilisation of the region's resources." /.../