Arctic One Health: Strategy for Resiliency - Operationalizing One Health in the Arctic Overview

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Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG)
One Health , Strategy , Project Overview , SDWG , Fairbanks , SAO Meeting , 2016
"A One Health approach advances the concept and practice of a multidisciplinary approach to health risks in human, animals, plants and the environment. Core to the One Health model is a participatory community-based approach, which takes into account traditional and local knowledge and uses the experience to identify and respond to health issues. [...] During the U.S. Chairmanship (2015-17) of the Arctic Council, the U.S. and Canada will undertake a project to further a One Health approach across the Arctic region as a strategy to enhance resiliency. As it is implemented, this multi-phase project will help advance the fundamental understanding of climate change vulnerabilities and impacts on community and ecosystem health in the Arctic region, and will encourage the transition from knowledge to action through the development of decision-making tools."