International Network of Arctic Indigenous Community-Based Environmental Monitoring & Information Stations (AICEMI stations).

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Aleut International Association (AIA)
"Scientists and public organizations have recognized the need for comprehensive and wholesome monitoring of the environmental, social, and economic changes and trends in the Arctic and acknowledged an indispensable role of the indigenous peoples in systematic collection and analysis of data. The call for joint international monitoring efforts involving scientists, indigenous communities and general public resonates in major international research project, such as Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, UNFCCC, IPCC and others. IPY could become a catalyst of multilateral, socially and scientifically diverse collaboration on a creation of a wholesome, all-inclusive monitoring system. UNEP-GRID Polar program and the Aleut International Association propose a program to address the need for such monitoring. Potential partners are Permanent Participants of the Arctic Council, and national and international agencies and organizations involved in the scientific research in the Arctic. The program will reflect on the latest results of the projects conducted by Permanent Participants and the Arctic Council, such as ACIA, AHDR, AMAP reports, Snowchange, etc."