5th Meeting, Helsinki, November 24-25, 2014. Summary two-pager.

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Arctic Council Task Force on Arctic Marine Oil Pollution Prevention
"At its fifth (and, it is expected, final) meeting, hosted by the Finnish Meteorological Institute (Helsinki), the Task Force on Arctic Marine Oil Pollution Prevention (TFOPP) focused on finalizing the Task Force’s deliverable, which will be presented for the consideration of ministers of Arctic states at the upcoming Ministerial meeting in 2015 in Iqaluit, Canada. The latest version of the TFOPP document, reflecting all the changes made at the previous meeting in Nuuk, was distributed in advance of the meeting, as were several new addenda and comments contributed by the state delegations and others. The meeting was co-chaired by Else Berit Eikeland (Norway) and Vladimir Barbin (Russian Federation). In their introductory remarks, the co-chairs underlined the need to produce a more concise and concrete document, and encouraged the delegates to be consensus- oriented and avoid getting too caught up in debating any particular detail. Representatives from all Arctic States attended the meeting. Two Permanent Participant organizations (the Aleut International Association and the Inuit Circumpolar Council) and one Arctic Council Working Group (EPPR) were present. Accredited observers attending the meeting included six states (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea and Singapore) and two organizations (CCU, WWF). In addition, there were invited experts from IOGP (The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers), Neste Jacobs and Lamor Corporation." /.../