Arctic Invasive Alien Species (ARIAS) Action Plan, Workshop Report, Akureyri 2016

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CAFF has initiated a process to reduce the risks of Invasive Alien Species to the Arctic by developing and eventually implementing common measures for early detection and reporting, identifying and blocking pathways of introduction, and sharing best practices and techniques of monitoring, eradication and control. This initiative, called for in the Actions for Arctic Biodiversity Assessment 2013-2021, is designed to implement recommendation 9 from the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment. The CAFF and PAME working groups of the Arctic Council are working together on the marine and coastal components of the strategy. The first workshop to initiate this process was held in Akureyri, Iceland on March 30th-April 1st 2016 and brought together a diverse group of experts with the goal of developing an action plan for the prevention and management of IAS across the Arctic. This document provides a summary of the workshop activities and outcomes.