EPPR Working Group Report to SAOs, March 2019 Ruka

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Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response (EPPR)
Ruka , SAO , EPPR
EPPR held its second meeting of 2018 in New Orleans, USA on December 4-6. 46 participants attended representing the Arctic States, one Permanent Participant (GCI), three observer states (Italy, South Korea and Spain), three observer organizations (IFRC, UArctic, and WWF) and one invited guest (NNSA Remote Sensing Laboratory Aerial Measurement System). The meeting focused on follow-up activities from the last EPPR meeting in Helsinki, reviewing the progress of activities according to the approved 2017-2019 workplan, identification of Ministerial deliverables for May 2019, and discussion on the 2019-2021 EPPR work plan.