Chair’s Report from the Workshop on the legacy of the International Polar Year.

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Chair of the International Polar Year
The question pertaining to the legacy of the IPY has been a topic in both the Arctic Council and the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings. In both fora the importance of continued focus on the legacy of the IPY has been stressed, and there has been agreement to bringing the discussion forward through a dedicated workshop. On this basis the Norwegian Polar Institute invited to a workshop on the legacy of the International Polar Year in conjunction with the IPY Oslo Science Conference in Lillestrøm, Norway on 9 June 2010. The aim of the workshop was to gather scientists and policy shapers who have the relevant background and interest in moving the results of the IPY science into the framework of society and policy development and together look at ways in which the legacy of the IPY could be maximized. The workshop examined: the ways in which the communication and outreach of the science results from IPY projects to policy makers, stakeholders and the interested public could best be continued; the need for and manners in which to maintain a continued focus on IPY activities that have proven to be of particular societal and policy importance, and in this context consider the continued focus on recruitment of young polar scientists and international capacity building; and the ways in which the Arctic and Antarctic communities could further strengthen collaboration in the future. The workshop was attended by around 60 representatives from a number of countries and relevant organizations. The discussions that took place during the Workshop proved beyond doubt that the legacy of the IPY is monumental and important, and that continued efforts are needed to ensure the best possible management of this legacy. It is necessary to maintain the momentum of the IPY legacy process, and organizations such as IASC, SCAR, UArctic, IAI, APECS, ICSU/CODATA that have the capacity and mandate to further develop the IPY legacy need consequently to be provided with the necessary means and resources to do so. This report summarizes the IPY legacy issues considered most pertinent to pursue within the framework of the Arctic Council and Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings, including issues for which declared support from these two polar policy bodies could contribute in facilitating implementation in relevant organizations, in particular IASC and SCAR.