Notional Accomplishments Arctic Council Ministerial October 12-13, 2000 Barrow, Alaska, USA.

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Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG)
Environmental Protection • Arctic Council Action Plan (ACAP) to eliminate pollution in the Arctic presented for Ministers' approval. • Environmental working group products: AMAP (Phase II); CAFF (Rare Plant Atlas, Status and Trends report, Overview report); EPPR (Circumpolar map, Oil and Gas Guidelines); and PAME (Russian NPA-Arctic) • Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) presented for Ministers' approval. Sustainable Development • Framework document for the Arctic Council's work on Sustainable Development presented for Ministers' approval. • Reports on SD Projects approved at Iqaluit: Children and Youth; Fisheries Management; Telemedicine; Cultural and Ecological Tourism. • New SD projects presented for Ministers approval: Survey of Living Conditions in the Arctic; Circumpolar Surveillance of Emerging Infectious Diseases, others Using Technology for Education, Communication and Outreach • Report on the Council's virtual Secretariat and Website (now on CD) • Report on developing a web-based circumpolar "Inventory" of Arctic research March 20, 2000