Arctic Council Capacity Building Strategy and Pilot Project.

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Arctic Council
Objective: To provide a strategic framework for a capacity building focus in relation to Arctic Council activities and to propose a pilot project to demonstrate practical applications of this capacity building focus. The proposed Strategy: The Arctic Council is a forum for high-level political dialogue on sustainable development, including its environmental and human dimensions. This strategy attempts to enhance dialogue at the international, national, sub-national and local levels in relation to knowledge generated by the Arctic Council and thereby facilitate Arctic cooperation and appropriate capacity building responses at all levels of society. The strategy will both consolidate existing and develop new knowledge-to-action protocols that are appropriate to the Arctic Council with reference to its various audiences. An Action Plan: Enhanced dialogue among all stakeholders in the Arctic, including Arctic states, Arctic Council Working Groups, Permanent Participants, Observers, other relevant international and sub-regional fora, and Arctic1 communities, can contribute to the development of appropriate capacities to meet current and future challenges.