Memorandum to Senior Arctic Officials 10/02/2016: Invasive Alien Species, for information.

CAFF , PAME , Memo , Invasive , Alien , Species , Fairbanks , 2016 , SAO Meeting
Memorandum on Invasive Alien Species submitted to the Arctic Council's Senior Arctic Officials meeting in Fairbanks, USA, March 16-17, 2016. "The Arctic Council has recognized the introduction of invasive alien species to the Arctic as having a significant adverse environmental impact. A range of Arctic Council initiatives have produced reports, recommendations and implementation actions directed towards better understanding the threat and potential ways to prevent, control and manage the introduction of such species in the Arctic1. In particular CAFF and PAME are working on follow-up actions as agreed to in the 2009 Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment (AMSA), the 2013 Arctic Ocean Review Final Report, the Arctic Marine Strategic Plan (AMSP) 2015-2025 and the Actions for Arctic Biodiversity 2013-2021."