Third Conference Outline. Information and Communication Technology in the Arctic. An International Conference of the Arctic Council. Akureyri, Iceland, 20–21 October, 2003.

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Arctic Council
"The Icelandic chairmanship of the Arctic Council is preparing an International Conference on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Arctic: Opportunities and Obstacles for Sustainable Development, Education and Telemedicine. Aim: The Arctic is a region characterized by small remote communities, long distances and general lack of effective infrastructure and communication. Information technology should be seen as an important means of addressing the economic, social and cultural circumstances that pertain to the Arctic. The aim of the conference should be to ask and discuss critical questions relating to the use of ICT, associated technical and social issues and benefits to Arctic residents. The conference is also invited to suggest collaborative actions among Arctic countries to promote ICT development based on best available practice." /.../