Sources and Mitigation Opportunities to Reduce Emissions of Short-term Arctic Climate Forcers. AMAP Technical Report No. 2 (2008).

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Bluestein, J.
Rackley, J.
Baum, E.
AMAP , Short-lived climate forcers , Mitigation options
"This study analyzes emissions inventories for each of the five pollutants – black carbon (BC), methane, and precursors of tropospheric ozone: nitrogen oxides (NOx), non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOC), and carbon monoxide (CO) -- to help identify the most promising mitigation options. Due to the short atmospheric lifetime of these pollutants and near-term focus of desired Arctic impact, we used 20-year global warming potentials (GWP) to weight each emissions inventory. Based on this analysis, the greatest climate impacts on the Arctic are from black carbon and methane, with tropospheric ozone precursors having a far lesser effect." /.../