ACAP Arctic Mercury Releases Inventory

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ACAP , Mercury
This report is part of the ACAP Mercury project. The objective of the report is to present and analyse compiled data on mercury releases from the Arctic countries, summarise existing initiatives to reduce mercury releases, and propose options for further release reductions. The report has been prepared primarily on the basis of the Arctic countries’ responses to a questionnaire on mercury releases, uses and wastes. It should be noted that the data from the Russian Federation were extracted from the report "Assessment of Mercury Releases from the Russian Federation", also prepared as part of this ACAP project (ACAP 2004), because official response to the mercury questionnaire from the Russian Federation has not yet been received. In addition, relevant information from various other recent national and international compilations and studies has been included in the report preparation. This document presents mercury data which for some countries have been newly updated, partly inspired by - and prepared for the needs of - this study. For other countries, the submitted mercury data have been prepared and reported in other, previous inventories.