Draft Discussion Paper by the Norwegian Chairmanship: Improving Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Arctic Council.

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Arctic Council
"In Salekhard, Ministers requested SAOs to continue to examine the organization of the Arctic Council and their work to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Arctic Council and to report back to Ministers in 2008. Under the program of the Norwegian chairmanship, the SAO Chair is committed to continue consultations and implementation of measures to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the work of the Arctic Council. The SAO report The Review of the Arctic Council Structures presented to Ministers in 2002 provided a number of important insights and recommendations. At the SAO meeting in April 2007 a general discussion took place on the on the paper prepared by the Arctic Athabaskan Council: Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Artic Council: A Discussion Paper. Recent consultations held by the SAO Chair indicate that Permanent Participants and Working Group Chairs support many of the improvements recommended in the Arctic Council paper. Suggestions for continued improvements relate to both the Arctic Council and to the functioning of its Working Groups. Improvements fall into primarily 4 categories: 1) Funding/Resources, 2) Priorities/Focus, 3) Working Group Coordination and Communication, and 4) Outreach." /.../