Conference on Gender Equality and Women in the Arctic. 3 – 6 August 2002. Saariselkä Finland.

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"Time: 3—6 August 2002 Place: Saariselkä, Inari, Finland (closest airport Ivalo) Organisers: The Gender Equality Unit at the Ministry for Social Affairs and Health, Finland, in co-operation with the Arctic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers. Goals: Raising decision-makers’ awareness of the situation of women in the arctic. This includes fact finding of the current situation: what is the women’s situation today, what are the problems and future visions? What are the main national, regional or circumpolar policies used to treat the problems? How do they affect women, indigenous peoples and gender equality in the Arctic? What can be done? What are the roles of the different actors, such as the governments, communities and NGOs? What kind of co-operation is there between the actors? The intention is also to review existing policies and examples of good practices and make proposals for future action. Integrating the gender perspective in the work of the existing administrative bodies. The conference acts as a vehicle in bringing actions supporting gender equality on the agenda of the relevant existing bodies in the Arctic. These bodies include The Arctic Council, The Nordic Council and The Nordic Council of Ministers, national and regional authorities and local and indigenous governments and indigenous peoples’ organisations." /.../