Understanding Biodiversity Changes and Causes, Synergies in Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity Research and Monitoring: Joint Workshop TEMG, INTERACT, IASC: Hvalso, Denmark: October 12, 2011

There is some coordination between some biodiversity related projects and programmes in the Arctic, but there is still overlap between different initiatives and possibilities for improved coordination and sharing of knowledge and experiences. There is therefore a need to combine resources and jointly work together to improve our understanding of Arctic terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystem processes, status and trends and to disseminate the relevant information in both the public and policy arena. –– A workshop on “Understanding Biodiversity Changes and Causes – Synergies in Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity Research and Monitoring” was held 12 October 2011 at Sonnerupgaard Gods in Denmark. This workshop was organized jointly by INTERACT, The Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Programme’s Terrestrial Expert Monitoring Group (CBMP TEMG) and the International Arctic Science Committee’s Terrestrial Working Group (ISAC TWG).