Handbook Radiation Exercise Arctic 2008. Severodvinsk, July 30 – August 1, 2008

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EPPR , Emergency exercise , Radiation accidents
This handbook contains information materials for the specialized tactical exercise "Arctic-2008". The exercise is organized in the framework of cooperation between Russia and the USA in the field of modernization of systems of emergency response to radiation accidents. This exercise is the fourth exercise held in the framework of Russian- American partnership. The previous exercises were held at Bilibino NPP (2002, Bilibino), at FSUE "SSC RF NIIAR" (2003, Dimitrovgrad) and at FSUE "Atomflot" (2005, Murmansk). The handbook contains the plan of the exercise, the technological scenario of the emergency situation, and short descriptions of FSUE "CS "Zvezdochka", the region of the facility location, and other reference information.