Progress report from AMAP to the SAO Meeting in Rovaniemi, Finland, June 12-13, 2001.

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Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP)
"AMAP is following an approved work plan for the period 1998 – 2003 as outlined in the document ‘AMAP Strategic Plan: 1998-2003’. This plan is based on the Ministerial requests from Alta, 1997, and Iqaluit, 1998, and has been further developed the new requests from the ministerial meeting in Barrow, 2000. The main task for AMAP during 2001/2002 is the production of the AMAP assessment reports that will be delivered to the Ministers at their meeting in Inari in September 2002. To prepare these assessments, AMAP has arranged a number of expert meetings and workshop over the last two years, and additional meetings are arranged for the coming nine months (see Annex 1)." /.../