DRAFT January 20, 2009. Communication Plan for Release of the Arctic Council’s Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment.

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Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME)
The April 2009 Arctic Council meeting in Tromso, Norway is expected to adopt and approve the release of the Arctic Council’s Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment Report (AMSA). There is currently significant and mounting national (eight arctic states), regional (circumpolar) and global interest in the outcome of this four year PAME initiative. The April 2009 high level meeting is also expected to adopt several other reports concerning the protection and use of the Arctic Ocean and its marginal seas. These other reports include:Arctic Council Oil and Gas Assessment, Offshore Oil and Gas Guidelines, Regional Programme of Action for the Protection of Arctic Marine Environment From Land-based Activities, Best Practices in Ecosystem-based Ocean Management in the Arctic (BePOMAr) technical background report and Progress Report on Application of the Ecosystem/LME Approach. This Communications Plan sets out how the Arctic Council, through the Senior Arctic Officials, the Permanent Participants and the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment Working Group in cooperation with the other Working Groups, Observer Organizations and other bodies will manage communications related to the release of AMSA.