Terrestrial Expert Monitoring Group (TEMG): Designing an Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity Monitoring Plan Workshop: Hvalso, Denmark: October 11-13, 2011

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Svoboda, M
Christensen, T.
Jørgensen, E.T.
Taylor, J.J.
Payne, J.F.
Schmidt, N.M.
Doyle, M.
Nymand, J.
Walker, D.
CAFF , Terrestrial, monitoring , CBMP , TEMG
The overall goal of the Terrestrial Expert Monitoring Group (TEMG) is to develop a multidisciplinary, integrated, pan-Arctic, long-term terrestrial biodiversity monitoring plan. In addition to the monitoring plan, the Arctic Council has asked the CBMP and thus the TEMG to develop an implementation plan for the monitoring plan that identifies timelines, costs, organizational structure and partners.