ACAP Report to Senior Arctic Officials. Oulu Finland. May 15-16, 2002.

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Arctic Contaminants Action Program (ACAP)
"The Ministerial meeting in Barrow (October 2000) endorsed the Arctic Council Action Plan against Pollution (ACAP) and approved an Interim Steering Committee of the ACAP. A start up meeting was held in Oslo 2-3 April 2001, the second meeting in Espoo 5 November 2001 and the third meeting in Oulu 14 May 2002. All the Arctic countries, PAME and AMAP attended the 3rd meeting and we also welcomed the distinguished representatives from the IPS, the Northern Forum Academy, the Netherlands, the Norilsk Nickel Mining and Metallurgical Kombinat, The Russian Norwegian Centre for Cleaner Production in Moscow, the Nordic Environmental Finance Corporation (NEFCO) and UNEP Chemicals." /.../