Proposal to p.3.6 agenda SAO November meeting 2011. The ACAP activities on Brominated Flame Retardants (BFR).

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Arctic Contaminants Action Program (ACAP)
"In 2004 ACAP started a project on brominated flame retardants. The project was foreseen to comprise three phases: Phase I - Inventory of sources and identification of BFR alternatives and management strategies, Phase II– Identification of actions to reduce or eliminate priority sources and releases and Phase III– Implementation of pilot projects to reduce or eliminate BFR releases. The Phase I report was published in 2008 (should be attached) and gave recommendations of further work to reduce BFRs in the Arctic. Since 2008 ACAP has not been able to identify and agree on relevant actions to reduce or eliminate priority BFR sources and releases in the Arctic while PSI is not operated." /.../