Risk Assessment at the Coastal Unloading Facility of FSUE EE Zvezdochka

EPPR , Radiation , Decommissioning of nuclear submarine , Nuclear powered vessels , Northern Russia
Annex 9 (Source Control Project, Phase III) covers the activities on development of methodology and conduct of risk assessment on the example of radiation and chemical hazardous facilities of the industrial North of Russia. This annex continues the works on the source control project, which were started in 2000. Two major facilities of the North of Russia were chosen for the current project: FSUE "EE "Zvezdochka" (Severodvinsk, Archangelsk Region) and FSUE "Atomflot" (Murmansk). The main activities of FSUE "EE "Zvezdochka" are connected with repair, modernization and decommissioning of nuclear and diesel submarine of both Russian and foreign manufacture. FSUE "Atomflot" carries out maintenance and repair of nuclear powered vessels and nuclear maintenance vessels. In addition to general ship repair, the facility performs unloading, temporary storage and processing of liquid and solid radioactive waste, storage and transportation of spent nuclear fuel, repair and storage of special rigging.