AN ARCTIC PORTAL. PROPOSAL and FEASIBILITY REVIEW. Prepared by the ICEPORT Group, Iceland for the Senior Arctic Officials, April 2006.

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"It is the conclusion of the Iceport Group after reviewing the concept that the development of an Arctic Portal is feasible. The structuring and development of an Arctic Portal will be continued with Iceland in the lead in close consultation with the Russian Chairmanship and co-operation with the UArctic, The Arctic Center at the University of Lapland and others, aiming at the formal opening of the first phase of the Portal at the ministerial meeting in Russia in October 2006. The first phase of the Portal will i.a. consist of linking existing portals and homepages, with the focus on the needs of the Arctic Council and its working groups, an integrated calender of events, integrated document library and an integrated project directory. A detailed study and proposal for a Portal serving the overall Arctic community, including an implementation and operation plan and a Pilot Portal portraying the structure, interoperability and usability, will be presented at that time." /.../