ICT in Arctic Higher Education Priorities. Recommendations and proposed actions.

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University of the Arctic
"Background: The Arctic Council (www.arctic-council.org) is hosting an Arctic ICT Conference in Iceland, on October 20-21, 2003. The organizers approached the University of the Arctic (UArctic) to develop a background paper on the status of ICT in the Arctic. There are three focus areas for the conference: infrastructure, education, and telemedicine. The University of the Arctic addresses ICT in higher education in our Arctic Learning Environment (ALE) program. The ALE program focuses on finding ways to allow northerners to overcome distance to learn in the North, including finding new and innovative means to overcome cultural barriers and physical distance. The program also seeks to identify relevant and new approaches to learning processes, especially pedagogy and information technologies that support the delivery of content across the great distances of the region." /.../