Arctic Social Indicator Project (ASI). Summary of project description.

"The Arctic Social Indicator Project (ASI) constitutes a follow-up to the Arctic Human Development Report (AHDR), with the goal of establishing a working group to develop Arctic social indicators to help facilitate the tracking and monitoring of human development in the Arctic over time. The development of some means of monitoring trends in human development in the Arctic would be extremely helpful from the perspective of those involved in the policy process. The objective is to devise a limited set of indicators that reflect key aspects of human development in the Arctic, that are tractable in terms of measurement, and that can be monitored over time at a reasonable cost in terms of labour and material resources. The pursuit of this goal will encompass several distinct steps, starting with a workshop focusing on the design of indicators suitable for use in the Arctic and moving on to the development of procedures needed to measure and monitor these indicators on a regular basis. The report on Arctic social indicators will be directed at a broad audience, including the science community, inhabitants of the Arctic, policymakers at all levels, and the Arctic Council and its SDWG." /.../