SDWG PROJECT PROPOSAL. Gender Equality in the Arctic: Current Realities and Future Challenges.

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Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG)
"The purpose of this project is to promote extensive, policy-relevant dialogue on gender equality issues in the Arctic region in the context of current realities in terms of economic and social development as well as current and future challenges, inter alia relating to climatic and environmental changes. In order to facilitate and strengthen this dialogue, a conference will be held in Akureyri, Iceland in November 2014. The conference will bring together government representatives, policy makers, academics and a wide range of other stakeholders such as from the business community, resource managers and users, community leaders and NGO representatives. The conference will mainly focus on the diverse and differentiated situations of women and men throughout the Circumpolar North and how to meet these societal challenges in the region. A special effort will be made to include women leaders from different sectors throughout the Arctic region. The conference, together with a comprehensive follow-up report, will lay the foundation for a cooperation network of the various stakeholders researching, teaching and discussing and promoting gender equality issues in the Arctic." /.../