ASI Executive draft summary prepared for the SDWG meeting, Oct. 24-25, Tromsø. Includes preliminary draft recommendations. ASI WORK IN PROGRESS.

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Arctic Social Indicators (ASI)
The AHDR came to life formally as a mandate emanating from the 2002 Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting calling on Iceland (the council chair during the biennium 2002-2004) to launch the AHDR as a “priority project” intended to provide “… a comprehensive knowledge base for the Arctic Council’s Sustainable Development Programme” (Inari Declaration 2002). Officially, the project ended with Iceland’s delivery of the completed AHDR to the 4th Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in 2004 and the decision on the part of the ministers to “… accept with appreciation the Arctic Human Development Report and recommend that the Sustainable Development Working Group make full use of the report as a comprehensive knowledge base for the development of the Arctic Council’s Sustainable Development Programme and direct Member States and the relevant working groups of the Arctic Council to consider appropriate follow up actions” (emphasis in original).