SDWG Project Proposal - Advancing Arctic Resilience: Exploring aspects of Arctic Resilience connected to the impacts of permafrost thaw

SDWG; Project Proposal; Permafrost Thaw; Resilience
This project will deliver community guidance derived from a Permanent Participant-led tabletop exercise on addressing the impacts of thawing permafrost (Spring, 2022); it will provide a roadmap for developing resilience indicators and monitoring systems useful to Arctic societies (Spring 2022); and it will deliver a summary report from the 3rd Arctic Resilience Forum (ARF), to take place in October of 2022. The tabletop exercise, conducted in collaboration with EPPR, will be patterned after the One Arctic, One Health tabletop exercises from 2017 and 2018. The resilience indicators project will build on past and current work underway within SDWG, CAFF, and AMAP to better understand and measure resilience and the many impacts of permafrost thaw. Both projects will be featured among the sessions of ARF2022. This full suite of work follows directly upon the Arctic Resilience Action Framework, approved by the Arctic Council in 2017, and is organized and led by the team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous experts who participated in the 10-week Arctic Resilience Forum in fall, 2020.